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Marco Solo
Marco Solo is an Australian comedic short film made by Adrian Bosich.

Poor Marco. Accidentally born into an overcrowded Australian-Italian household, he is relegated to his parents' bedroom. Nine years later, armed with a vivid imagination, an obsession with Dame Edna Everage, and a warped sense of Catholicism, Marco fights for a space of his own.


Awards Received

- 2004 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
(Best Student Live Action under 15 minutes)

- 2004 Australian National ATOM Award -
(Best Film School Production)

- 2004 Australian National Student Film & Video Festival,
(Best Narrative Film)

- 2004 Kodak Emerging Filmmaker Award

- 2005 Flickerfest Film Festival
(Best Cinematography)

- Australian Cinema Nova
(Best Potential for Theatrical Release)

- 2004 Australian In The Bin Film Festival
(Best Comedy Award)

- 2004 Fitz Awards
(Best Achievement in Sound)

- 2004 Australian In The Bin Film Festival
( Best Male Actor Award - Joseph Sollena)

- 2004 Australian In The Bin Film Festival
(Production Value Award)

- 2005 Falls Creek Film Festival
(Best Film - Highly commended)

- Victorian College of the Arts
(Brian Robinson Best Script Award)

- Victorian College of the Arts, Mike Reed Post Production and Partners
(Best Visual Effects Film Award)

Festival Screenings

Upcoming screenings

- Outfest 2005 - Los Angeles, USA
Sat Jul 16, 11:30 am

- Salento International Film Festival, Italy
10-18 Settembre, 2005

Previous Screenings

- 2004 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films (USA)

- 2004 48th BFI London Film Festival (UK)

- 2005 Tribeca Film Festival (USA)

- 2005 Seattle Film Festival (USA)

- 40th Chicago International Film Festival 2004 (USA)

- 2004 21st St. Kilda Film Festival Opening Night Selection (Australia)

- 2005 Flickerfest Film Festival (Australia)

- 2005 Rosemount Australian Film and Style Festival - Australia Week 2005 (USA)

- 2005 Worldwide Short Film Festival (Canada)

- 2005 Maui Film Festival (USA)

- 2005 Showroom Film Festival (UK)

- 2005 Smogdance Film Festival (USA)

- 2005 Falls Creek Film Festival (Australia)

- 2005 Showcomotion: The Film Festival For Children & Young People (UK)

- 2005 Sydney Travelling Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Darwin Downunder International Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 International Student Film Festival - Hollywood (USA)

- 13th Brisbane International Film Festival 2004 (Australia)

- 2004 Interfilm Berlin Film Festival (Germany)

- Rencontres internationales du cinema des anitipodes 2004 (France)

- 2005 World of Comedy International Film Festival (Canada)

- 2005 Bayside Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival (Australia)

- 2005 The Weird Mob Film Festival (Australia)

- 2005 Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Darwin Festival - Aussie Shorts (Australia)

- 2004 St. Kilda Film Festival National Tour (Australia)

- 2005 Ballarat Film Festival (Australia)

- 2005 Warburton Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Cinema Nova Novadose Short Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Australian National Student Film & Video Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (Brazil)

- 2004 In The Bin Film Film Festival (Australia)

- 2004 Fitzroy Shorts Film Festival (Australia)

Originating format
Super 35mm

Screening formats
35mm (w Dolby Digital & Dolby SR)
Digital Betacam (PAL)
Betacam SP (PAL)

35mm Technical Information
Ratio - 1.85:1
1 reel
870 feet
Running time at 24fps - 9 min 7 sec
Sound – Dolby Digital DTS & Dolby SR

Video Technical Information
Ratio – Full Screen Letterboxed and 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic available
Running time at 25fps - 8 min 45 sec

Key Cast

  Joseph Sollena
  Robert Urban
  Helen Nicholas
Nice Nonna
  Irini Pappas
Nasty Nonna
  Maria Diele
Older Sister
  Ariana Migliore
Younger Sister
  Isabella Giovinazzo

Key Crew

  Adrian Bosich
Associate Producer
  Adrian Bosich
Director of Photography
  Greig Fraser
Production Manager   Paola Morabito
Production Designer
  Jo Ford
  Andrew Callaghan

Director's Statement

The story of Marco Solo is derived from my own personal experiences growing up in Moonee Ponds - an overcrowded, very Italian suburb in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve always been fascinated by the way people have reacted to tales I have told them from my youth; reactions ranging from astonishment to sympathy, but to me, this environment was extremely fun, and in retrospect, quite interesting.

The migration of these Italians resulted in a freezing of culture; isolated from Italy’s social progression, this Australian contingent existed in a bubble of 1950s Italian culture. My film hopes to capture this dichotomy; it is not only a film contrasting Australian and Italian cultures, but rather 1950s Italy vs. 1980s Australia.

Marco Solo is an attempt to take the issues of poor post-war migrants, religious rituals and iconography, and Italian family politicking, and wrap them up in comedy. But by taking these issues, and finding the underlying comedy, I hoped to make an entertaining film that an audience wanted to watch, which had truth at its core.

The story is told by a nine year-old narrator, and I wanted the pace of the film to take on this youthful, fantastical, short-attention-span feel. Quick cuts and visual effects are used throughout, to convey this spectacle and enthusiasm. Rather than gratuitously dropping in effects shots, as a visual effects artist, I tried to use the technology to support the film’s theme - its magical realism.

Marco’s innocent outlook, contrasting with the adult world, is where I felt the comedy lay. This interplay of experience and naiveté culminates in the final scene; a moment only a child could get away with!

Adrian Bosich

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